10 Habits for Successful Working Moms

Being a working mom means feeling guilty and defeated nearly every day. We clean up everyone else’s mess while trying to set the best example for our children and persevere through it all. I was raised by a single mother that worked tirelessly to provide for our family, and while that is not the ideal situation, she did teach me the importance of a strong work ethic and how to provide for your family. Below are (10) habits to maintain your success as the powerhouse working mom that you are!

 1. Time Blocking

Schedule your work and personal activities into buckets of time. This will help you create boundaries and ensure that you optimize work/life balance.

Don’t forget to include time for your kids’ sporting events, grocery shopping, and even date night!

2. Goal Setting

Do you set daily goals? Writing your goals and objectives daily is key to having a successful day.

What are your 5, 10, and 20-year goals?

Define your Why & understand what you are working towards.

3. Depend on your Inner Circle

Do you remember that saying, “It takes a Village” to raise a family? Isn’t that the TRUTH! We have to remember to ask for help. We are pretty amazing, but we are human, and we need a great team in all areas of life that can help when needed.

We have all had that business meeting that ran late, or that last-minute home tour, and that late-night contract that needed writing. Let’s face it, life still goes on at home. Our kids need to eat, complete their homework, and feel the love from their family, so reach out and ask for help!

4. Utilize Technology

Modern-day tech provides so many options to help us organize our daily schedules. I personally could not live without my calendar! If it’s not on the calendar, it does not happen!! Find the tools to fit your needs and systemize your day.

5. Be Adaptable 

Many working moms seek entrepreneurship to gain time freedom and flexibility for their families. That was certainly a huge motivator for me when starting my business and becoming a Realtor.

As moms, we have to plan for the unexpected!

Sick days, schedule changes, childcare, and God forbid a recession.

We already know to plan for personal changes in life, so strategize how you can adapt to your professional world as well. During Covid, and now into the 2022 recession, many have had to “pivot” or “re-invent” themselves. This is necessary and key to the success of many moms and parents alike. For you, that might mean taking on a side hustle, adding a new service or product offering, or changing businesses.

For my Realtor friends, that often means finding a new brokerage to better suit their current and long term goals.

*Ask me how I had to pivot and change brokerages during the beginning of Covid. All I can say, is this was God’s plan, and it was the best long term move for myself and my family. Reach out and ask me Why?

6. Private Workspace

Create a private space where you can close your door and focus on work. Like so many, I did not have this one year ago, so I was looking to either do some remodeling in our home to create this space or move. We built a new house and moved. Thank God!

So many of us are on Zoom meetings or phone calls all day and we need that private space to focus. Not to mention, your productivity really increases, and you will see HUGE results in your business when you have a quiet space and block out time to focus on your work.

My background is in Design & Construction, so if you need tips to create a space in your home, send me a message.

7. Let your kids help you

Teach your kids how they can take on a project in your business. However small or big the task, this lesson will teach them so much, and it might just give you some private time to focus!

I also love creating an incentive plan for my kids. This creates structure and prepares them for the job market! Not to mention, as business owners we can pay our minor children tax free! I absolutely take advantage of this. It’s a win win! We actually take most of the money and add it to a Custodial Roth IRA, so the kids are already building their own wealth.

Talk to your Financial Advisor and CPA to learn more & let me know if you need a referral. 

8. Take massive action

We are truly blessed to have an opportunity to work and provide a better world for our families. However, nothing worth doing is easy!

Create a plan to build the foundation of your business, put the time in and scale your business to reach your goals.

Create passive income opportunities to provide time and financial freedom.

*Ask me how!!

9. Done is better than perfect

This one is hard for me. I really am a Perfectionist and a bit of a control freak!

However, I know that time is money, and I do not have time to get caught up in overanalyzing. Often, I will have to remind myself… just take the action and test the results.

Done is better then perfect!

10. Self Care

Back to time blocking, plan out time to take care of yourself. You can’t succeed as a Mom or a Professional if you don’t take care of yourself!

Find a way to plan for healthy meals, exercise, and meditation. Ask for help when needed.

Plan a monthly or quarterly spa day!

Enjoy a glass of wine with a good book.

Don’t forget to take time to enjoy life and be thankful for your beautiful family and the opportunity that surrounds you!


Cheers to your SUCCESS!
Shaunte Cruse | NW Home Collective